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Mission Statement
First United Methodist church strives to be a vibrant, inclusive and diverse Christian community.
Our purpose is to invite everyone to experience Christ’s love and respond with faithful action.
Our Vision and Mission call us to:
  • Be shaped by the historical Wesleyan emphasis of a vital personal faith, social justice, ecumenism and a global concern.
  • Provide excellence in education, worship, local service and worldwide missions.
  • Be a nurturing, inter-generational community.
  • Be an open and friendly urban church, welcoming to all people.
  • Respect diverse perspectives, while united in Christian essentials and resolving to love.
Service First Church members value service highly. We encourage everyone to be involved in a  service or ministry opportunity. We have a tremendous variety of opportunities for children, youth, and adults to make an impact in Grand Rapids and around the world.
Opportunities What other people think of as challenges, the people here see as opportunities for ministry. People who come to First Church do so because of our long-standing commitment to outreach and ministry in the heart of Grand Rapids. This church is “Alive in the City!” Yet, our ministry reaches around the entire world.  
Diversity As a downtown church we are diverse. There are many people who come to our church from the far corners of Kent County. Some people walk to church and others drive past many other churches to come here because they want to be a part of a unique experience. They get to know many people they would not know otherwise, people who live in different corners of the county, with a variety of social backgrounds and ethnicity. This is especially true with our children. We provide a place where children from many different school systems can meet and form healthy relationships. Deep bonds are made that last throughout the years.
God's Grace Grace is spoken here! The grand mark of the Methodist is the emphasis on God's Grace. We believe that God's grace reaches out to each and every one of us as children of God. We believe that each person is a child of God, and that God – like a good shepherd -- is seeking each and every one of us.
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People come to First Church from many different places

9/23/2014 by Patsy McGillivray
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People come to First Church from many different places, looking for many different things.  What many find is an open and welcoming congregation with a passion for hospitality.  Here is one such story.

We joined FUMC in July 2012 after a period of church shopping in the Grand Rapids area.  What stood out about First compared

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