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Weddings:  The service of Christian marriage is provided for couples who wish to solemnize their marriage in a service of Christian worship. Please fill out our Wedding Request Form to inquire about your wedding date. Our wedding coordinator will be in touch with you.

Funeral and Memorial Services:  A funeral service is available in situations where the deceased (or in situations their remains) are to be present. In cases where burial or final disposition has already occurred, a memorial service can be conducted.
Please notify the church immediately upon the death of a member or loved-one. All arrangements should be made in consultation with our pastors. First Church has a columbarium for internment of members.

Baptisms:  Baptism originated from the purification rituals of the Jews. John the Baptist took this ritual and made it a Covenant of God`s Grace. It is those who share this Grace that form the body of Christ's church.Typically, Methodists baptize infants by the sprinkling of water and laying of hands. As the child reaches middle school, they affirm their commitment to God and Christ through confirmation. Baptism practices in other churches vary. Some perform only adult baptism. Some practice baptism by immersion. The Methodist Church recognizes the baptisms performed by other churches and does not require a new baptism to join the church. Contact the church office to schedule a baptism.