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Our individual stewardship of God’s resources is an important indicator of whether we have placed God first in our lives. The best – and most fair – way to gauge our faithfulness is called “Percentage Giving.” The scriptures hold up for us the standard of giving 10% of our income, known as a “tithe” – and Jesus praised those who went beyond this. First Church encourages people to build up to a tithe. As many of us were taught when young: “Save 10%, give God 10%, and have 80% to live on and enjoy.”

How do we do this? Look at your annual giving and see what percentage of your annual income it equals. Is it 3%, 5%, 8%? For most of us, we’re not yet at the 10% level. Knowing the percentage you give, pray about your giving and seek God’s leading. If you are currently giving 4% of your income, can you raise it to 5%? Or from 6% to 7%, or from 8% to 10%? Many people at First Church tithe or give well beyond the tithe because of their commitment to a vital ministry in the center city.

Every year in the fall, we ask our people to provide an “Estimate of Giving.” It is an estimate which can be changed (up or down) as one’s circumstances change. This enables the church to make a responsible ministry budget for the coming year.

Stewardship is one of the central disciplines of our spiritual life. As we grow in our faith and trust, we discover that our self-giving – giving of our time, talent and treasure – is one of the deepest possible joys. For as we thankfully share what God has given, we follow the example of our Lord.

Estimate Your Giving Now Take advantage of our new online e-Giving form. Our Giving Calculator will help you see your options and make a faithful decision.

Donate You can make a strong commitment with an online donation. It is safe, secure and only requires a credit card. You may also give through EFT (electronic funds transfer) Automatic Contributions, click here to learn more.